Ever Stumbled Upon a Waterfall While Hiking and Wanted to Jump In?

Those of us into hiking in nature have all experienced this. While on a hike with friends of mixed gender, we may find ourselves stumbling upon a mountain stream or waterfall.

“Wow, wouldn’t that be great to jump in?”

We take a breath and imagine that cool refreshing water enveloping us. A total recharge.

But then our conservative, practical nature kicks in.

“What would I wear?”

Maybe we are hiking with our boss and his wife. Maybe we are hiking with a couple friends we know well, but not THAT well. Maybe there are strangers enjoying the waterfall ahead of us.

“nude’ing up” is not an option. Not cool. Kind of weird, actually. It’s one thing to be a free spirit, but naked waterfall plunging is a bit beyond reasonable.

It is reasonable to go hiking while wearing Troxers.

When we come upon a stream or a waterfall, here’s what we do:

  1. Take off our shirt.
  2. Take off our shoes and socks.
  3. drop trow. (take off our pants).
  4. Jump in.

While others are watching you having a wonderful cool down mountain stream swim, you can be assured that people will be looking at you thinking you are wearing a bathing suit. No weird underwear swimming.

When we are done with our spontaneous swimming, here’s what we do:

  1. Duck behind a tree.
  2. Take off our Troxers.
  3. Dry ourselves off with our T shirt.
  4. Put on our pants.
  5. Ring out our Troxers and hang them on our backpack.
  6. Start hiking.

Guess what? Before too long, your Troxers are dry and ready for more action.

It is not illegal to continue our hike “going commando.”

Troxers allows us to swim when we want to, where we want to. Troxers, for the spontaneous swimmer in you.

Howland Falls, awaiting hikers wearing Troxers under their hiking pants, for the spontaneous swimmer in you.

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