Spontaneous Swimming While Enjoying a Beach Sunset

There is something magical about being on the beach at sunset. The sun looses its steam and becomes a breathtakingly beautiful color wheel. We feel the calm, and reflection of the day. As we look out over the water, some of us are compelled to want to just jump right in at sunset.

Most of us have changed out of our swimwear. We are dressed for dinner or the evening. But if we want to go for a swim, why can’t we?

With Troxers, a combination boxer short and swim trunks, jumping into the ocean is a simple matter of “dropping trow” and off you go.

Spontaneous swimming at sunset

We are all well programmed in our lives. Our calendars are “current”, and our phones tell us where we need to be and when.

Yet when we wear our Troxers, we take back the opportunity to be spontaneous. When we wear Troxers, they feel just like boxers. Comfortable. Breathable. When we drop our shorts, we look like we are wearing a bathing suit. No strange looks.

Anyone living near the ocean can benefit from the freedom that comes with wearing Troxers. For the spontaneous swimmer in you.

Spontaneous sunset swim while wearing Troxers

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