Wearing Troxers Allows Us to Be Ready for Sauna Action Anytime, Anywhere

As sauna becomes more popular, there are sauna happenings all over town, and in some pretty awesome places. For example:

  1. 612 Sauna Society Mobile Sauna, Trailhead, Wirth Park.
  2. Hewing Hotel, Rooftop sauna.
  3. Wellness Sauna Therapy, 4700 Nicollet Avenue South.
  4. LIttle Box Sauna, various locations.
  5. Indeed Brewing (and various other area breweries).

All this awesome sauna action in the public domain does come with one small price: no spontaneity. Unless we remember to travel with our bathing suits, we aren’t able to make a spontaneous decision to go sauna.

Until now.

As we dress for the day, instead of putting on a pair of underwear, we put on a pair of Troxers. Then our pants. Troxers are as comfortable as boxer shorts. We can go about our day per usual. Then, we are ready for any of these scenarios:

  • “I have an extra spot for Full Moon Steam Medley at the Hewing Hotel, you want it?”
  • “How about we meet for a sauna and a beer after work, I hear there’s a mobile sauna happening at Indeed Brewing.”
  • “Damn it’s hot out, want to meet up at Hidden Beach? There’s a sauna there. Let’s go!”

Guess what? Now you can say “hell yea” instead of “no.”

Laird Hamilton, encouraging spontaneous sauna action (photo: xptlife.com)

When we wear our pair of Troxers, we are ready for spontaneous sauna action. We have taken back our freedom to sauna when we want, and where we want.

As we show up to a sauna party, all we need to do is:

  1. Take off our shirt and pants.
  2. Sauna.

When we are done with our sauna session, all we need to do is:

  1. Duck behind a tree and take off our Troxers.
  2. Dry off.
  3. Put on our pants.
  4. Reappear from behind the tree.

Bonus: Hanging our Troxers on a tree branch or in the hot room for a few minutes will completely dry our Troxers. No soggy wet bathing suit to haul around.

Troxers are made from quick drying brushed poly microfiber material. They breathe great and they dry fast.

Quick dry shorts means that by the time we have finished getting dressed and finished saying our goodbyes, odds are that our Troxers have completely dried off.

A quick drying bathing suit is one thing, but a comfortable, quick drying pair of Troxers function just fine as boxer shorts. And, Troxers work great in the public domain. Nobody is going to think you look weird walking around in underwear.

Troxers: Freedom and spontaneity to go sauna at a moments notice. Troxers are for the spontaneous sauna goer in you.

Spontaneous sauna action with the 612 Sauna Society sauna

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