A Pizza Delivery Guy in Austin, Texas Gets Invited Inside to Join a Rocking Pool Party

“It was a good order, I think it was 5 pizzas, and the address was in an expensive neighborhood” explains Matt. “As I turned down the street, there were cars parked everywhere. But I pulled into what had to be a newly opened spot because it was right in front of the house. When I delivered pizzas, I didn’t like to double park unless I had to.”

“It was hot as hell outside. I had the windows up and the AC on. As soon as I opened the car door, I felt a blast of heat. I could hear music pumping, and people laughing and having a good time. Definitely a party going on. I remember standing there listening, because I had to ring the front doorbell a couple times before someone answered.”

What happened next is a pizza delivery guy’s dream

“Two super attractive girls meet me at the door. They were happy. Behind them, I could see people everywhere: in the kitchen, in the living room, all over. They all seemed to be having a good time, too. I could see through the house, through big windows to the backyard pool. There were a bunch of people in the pool and jumping in and splashing around, and stuff.”

Matt had delivered plenty of pizzas to plenty of parties but this party was exceptional.

“No parents anywhere. Just kids about my age, and everybody was having a good time.”

Matt had just moved to Austin. He was just getting to know the area.

“I figured getting a job delivering pizzas or driving for Uber or Lyft was my best shot at getting to know the town. I chose pizza because I liked their pizza and I could bring home extras at night. But driving around, I sure got to know the town fast!”

Matt ran the credit card through his Square reader to pay for the pizzas. Handing the card back one of the girls says, out of the blue, “She asked me if I wanted to go for a swim.”

“She was either really drunk or seemed to like me, because I wasn’t expecting such friendliness for a pizza delivery guy.”

“Everybody seemed cool, and as luck would have it, I had no more deliveries in my car. So, I said ‘sure, why not?’ So she grabs my hand and brings me through the house, introducing me to people along the way. Nobody took much notice. “

“She flips my hat off in a teasing kind of way. Then we’re standing by the pool and before I know it, clothes are flying off. I was just trying to keep up and not look too goofy. I take off my shirt, and then my pants. I think she was expecting some silly underwear, but instead, thankfully, i’m wearing Troxers.”

“She looks down. Surprised. ‘Were you planning this?’ She asks.”

“I told her ‘no, I wear these because i’m always ready for a party, and i’m always ready for a swim.’ “

What a welcome to Austin

The cool part of the story, though, is what happened after the swim. Toweling off, with Troxers hanging on a tree behind the pool shed, Matt ends up talking with a guy named Carter. Carter works for a start up recently purchased by Apple.

They were hiring.

Two weeks after spontaneously swimming at the pool party, Matt retired his pizza cap for a kick ass job. It’s 3x the salary of pizza delivery man. And he can wear his Troxers to work (under his pants) because at work….

they appreciate spontaneity, freedom, and fun…. too.

When you are wearing Troxers, you’re always ready for a pool party.

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